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Spring in the Cyclades

Spring in the Cyclades I have always loved April and May in the Cyclades, from around the middle of April temperatures start to improve, it feels like winds and rain … Continue reading “Spring in the Cyclades”

Greece in the winter, not just a summer destination! Athens and beyond

As a holiday company mainly concentrating on the Cyclades it may come as a surprise that we do offer breaks in other parts of Greece, contrary to popular opinion we … Continue reading “Greece in the winter, not just a summer destination! Athens and beyond”

Syros goes Viral!

You may have read about a rather obscure Facebook job advert seeking someone to look after a colony of cats on Syros. For some it sounded like a dream job, … Continue reading “Syros goes Viral!”

Easter in Syros

A harmonious celebration and red eggs! In April last year I was lucky enough to be staying in Syros with my mother in a lovely apartment overlooking Vaporia and the … Continue reading “Easter in Syros”

Happy new year from Syros !

Ευτυχισμένος ο καινούριος χρόνος! Happy new year from Syros!! In the spirit of Janus, (roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings, depicted as having two … Continue reading “Happy new year from Syros !”

An uplifting trip to Tinos – Villages and Monastery

An Ursuline Convent, a Catholic Monastery and some boulders! In the grand scheme of things to go for a quick trip to Tinos from Syros (you get precisely two and … Continue reading “An uplifting trip to Tinos – Villages and Monastery”

Late summer sun and travelling on your own

Whilst we were considering what we miss most about the UK what we definitely don’t miss is the weather! With clear blue skies, warn seas and temperatures of up to … Continue reading “Late summer sun and travelling on your own”

September in Syros

I love September in Syros Greece! It is getting quieter for more reasons than one here! August is over and many of the tourists have headed home. Whilst the higher temperatures … Continue reading “September in Syros”

Naxos: the perfect place for on the beach holidays !

While the UK had a bank holiday last week, Greece did not, however old habits die hard so we decided to go on our own mini-break, (there are some people; … Continue reading “Naxos: the perfect place for on the beach holidays !”

Moving here and missing home!

We left the UK to set up our office here on Syros island  at the start of June after taking a road trip that encompassed France, Switzerland and Italy before … Continue reading “Moving here and missing home!”