Milos lying just north of the Sea of Crete is the most south-westerly island of the Cyclades. Volcanic in origin this is truly the island of colours. From the beautiful little village of Klima with multi coloured fisherman’s houses, to the pure white lunar landscape of Sarikinko which is cut through by the bluest of seas and the multi coloured beach at Paliochori, Milos is truly a feast for the eyes.


The island has a different beach everyday of your holiday and more. Some are organised, some secluded and some can only be reached by boat from Adamas or Pollonia. Due to its previous volcanic activity you will find thermal springs throughout the island and the Lakkos hot springs near Adamas were cited by Hippocrates as having therapeutic properties.

Famous in antiquity for the extraction of obsidian, it is also the island where the Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Milos) was discovered in 1820.

The island is the home to one of the most important Christian monuments in Greece, the Catacombs at Trypti which date from the first to fifth century, originally the catacombs were used as a burial ground, then also as a site of worship and a place of refuge from persecution by the Romans.


The capital is Plaka, which has a typical Cycladean architecture and pretty little radial streets, The town was built beneath the remains of the Thirteenth Century Venetian Kastro and climbing the approximately 200 steps up to the castle is worth the effort for the breathtakingly beautiful views it affords you, especially so at sunrise or sunset.

The port of Adamas is where you find most of the nightlife, the harbour is lined with restaurants and bars, and is a great place to sit watching the yachts and ferries coming and going. Adamas also has two beaches, shops, banks, car hire outlets and travel agencies.

The pretty resort village Pollonia  has some excellent  restaurants for sea-food and some low-key nightlife. You can also get a ferry for the short journey to Kimolos, the quiet little neighbour.

Milos island holiday offers a great vacation for romantics of all ages, families, groups and solo travellers, and combined with Serifos and/or Sifnos makes for great island hopping.

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