Late summer sun and travelling on your own

(Last Updated On: 13/08/2020)

Whilst we were considering what we miss most about the UK what we definitely don’t miss is the weather! With clear blue skies, warn seas and temperatures of up to 30 degrees we can only look at the UK weather and be glad we are here (sorry!).
The Cyclades are quite lovely in September and early October it is when we would normally be here on holiday with the late summer sun..
The first time I came to Greece on my own, was in September some years ago, (the Shirley Valentine joke wore a bit thin that year!) The first night I decided to wander to the port and sit and read my book with a glass of wine. Picking a tavern overlooking the sea I sat down, only to be greeted by a horrified waiter, “Good evening, you are not here to eat, are you? As only children eat at 7.30 in the evening in Greece!” Strange welcome, but it has stayed with me and we never eat before nine anymore. I even felt the need to apologise for being early when we went to our favourite restaurant last week! I can also understand it when I am in my non-air-conditioned kitchen!
Talking about solo travelling, I have always felt incredibly safe in the Cyclades and met some lovely people of all nationalities along the way, especially in Milos where, even if you wanted to be on your own you very rarely were, and they don’t see lone women travellers as unusual.
It however can seem quite unfair when you look at booking a holiday on your own, that hotels are no cheaper than if there were two of you or you see an affordable holiday which looks reasonable only to discover there is a solo occupancy surcharge. Unfortunately, hotel rooms are mainly built to accommodate two or more people and single rooms where they exist are not much cheaper.
Sometimes you just need to get away like I did the first time I travelled alone, none of my friends had any leave left or had children, partners or both! There are many reasons people travel alone but it can be rewarding and fun.
The upshot of all of this is that I am actively looking for hoteliers who will offer lower rates for single occupancy of rooms or for rooms with good rates regardless of occupancy. Also for our guided tours I am looking at ways of keeping the costs down for single travellers. Email me for more information/advice or to share stories you may have of lone-traveling (
We rarely advertise packages as the point of us is to create a personalised package but finding some really reasonable flights yesterday this is an example of what we can do;
1st to 12th October – Three nights on Mykonos and eight on Naxos – not including flights and based on two sharing £410 per person.

late summer sun

So, if you are thinking of escaping the British weather we don’t blame you, let us know what dates you can do and we will send you a quote.
It is with great relief I now have more British tea bags! So off for tea and a cake, when we found this office we had no idea that right behind us is a patisserie  and not just any ordinary patisserie  it is beautiful and so are their cakes! Also they bake everything on site, so sitting here in the day I get constant whiffs of vanilla and other heavenly smells, it is far too tempting!