September in Syros

(Last Updated On: 13/08/2020)

I love September in Syros Greece!
It is getting quieter for more reasons than one here! August is over and many of the tourists have headed home. Whilst the higher temperatures of July and August have gone, so it appears has the Meltimi, no longer are all the doors banging (maybe I am speaking too soon but it is definitely less bangy!) It is still very warm though and the sea is positively lovely. You can also get a sunbed without having to set the alarm, but I go on a little bit too much about my personal obsession.

We have finally worked out our provisional itinerary for the September guided tour, (click on the Guided Tour Tab on the website). It’s still not too late for a September break and we love this itinerary as, as well as including plenty of cultural interest it gives lots of time for relaxing on the beach.
We have decided on our further two tours this year to provide a more in-depth look at the Catholic and Orthodox heritage on both Syros and Tinos, (provisional itineraries to follow). Both have a rich and interesting religious heritage, with beautiful churches and monasteries.

For some years both me and Brian travelled solo and I hesitate to levy any extra charge on single travellers as a group holiday is a perfect environment to meet new people, so if you are interested in coming on one of our group holidays, please contact me directly for a quote. (
We are heading off to Tinos tomorrow, which is not great for day trips at the moment from Syros, due to a change in ferry schedules after the Blue Star Patmos managed to ground itself off Ios! So, we are staying overnight which is no hardship.

I finally got around to cooking a Sunday roast yesterday it was 30 degrees outside but I was determined! To be fair my only disaster were the Yorkshire puddings which closely resembled pancakes but I am blaming the oven.
We have found a really lovely restaurant  in the capital which keeps drawing us back! As it is our wedding anniversary on the 9th we will be going back again Saturday (please note I have not actually ran this past Brian yet as for some reason he does not seem bothered about celebrating our wedding anniversary!)
So, a belated “white rabbits” and happy September


Greek Orthodox church of Saint Nicholas, Syros