Moving here and missing home!

(Last Updated On: 13/08/2020)

We left the UK to set up our office here on Syros island  at the start of June after taking a road trip that encompassed France, Switzerland and Italy before taking the ferry from Ancona to Patras, arriving here six days later (after driving for approximately 2000km, and taking four ferries!) Although I can take no credit for the driving or manoeuvring our very full little car on and off ferries, I would like to say I played some part in the journey, but apart from being on the right side of the car to put cash in to the toll machines and threatening to sing to relieve the boredom when we were going through a particularly long tunnel in Switzerland I did very little!

syros islandAncona Italy

Setting up an office also took time and then returning to the UK for a week at the end of June (when we felt like we were visiting the artic) meant that we hardly felt we had been away at all.
However, we have now been on Syros island  for two months full time (apart from some trips to other islands).
So, have had time to reflect on what we miss about home. Clearly our family and friends are uppermost in our thoughts especially at the moment, they have all been so supportive and obviously its goes without saying that we miss them.
We certainly, even when it has been almost too hot here have not missed the UK weather! Although the Meltimi has taken some getting used to with doors banging and papers flying from one end of the flat to another and washing flying off the line to hit the ground two stories below!
Unsurprisingly what we do miss involves food and drink, Brian is missing fish and chips and a decent pint of bitter, and I am finding it very difficult to get it in to my head that Sunday does not automatically have to mean a roast dinner. At least after a visit from my mother last week I now have stuffing mix (most stuff including baked beans is available in Greek supermarkets!)
We only get Greek TV channels which also causes a little homesickness for me, even though they do show Benny Hill reruns!
As for the language, we are making a very stuttering start at learning Greek and my pronunciation when I do attempt a word causes our Greek assistant to dissolve into fits of laughter! Nevertheless, even though we do not speak the language we have been greeted with such kindness and offered so much help, for which again we are immensely grateful.
After all that we will be back in November after all to freeze!
Sam this one’s for you ♥