Useful Information

We recommend you read the useful information below to prepare for your wonderful Greek island holiday !

For Guidance on current passport news regarding Brexit see link below.

Passport rules for travel to Europe after Brexit

Your safety: For your own wellbeing before travelling anywhere abroad we would always recommend that you visit this gives you the latest travel advice for the country you are traveling to; it includes advice regarding security, local laws, passport and visa information, (they also have a Facebook page you can visit

Insurance : We highly recommend that you take out travel insurance before booking any holiday. It is relatively inexpensive and gives you peace of mind.

Your health: when travelling to Greece we recommend you always carry your ECIH card (the old E111 card) for further advice and to obtain your free card visit this link .

For up to date health news including Covid-19

Pharmacies: Should you need a pharmacy there are plenty of pharmacies on the islands (mainly in capitals) in our experience there is normally at least one English speaking member of staff.
Doctors: There are health clinics on all the islands we are focusing on, as well as a hospital on Syros. If you need to see a doctor during your stay please do not hesitate to contact us.

Emergencies: If you require emergency medical assistance during your trip, dial 112 or 166 and ask for an ambulance. If you are referred to a medical facility for treatment you should contact your insurance or medical assistance company immediately.

If you are experiencing any difficulties during your stay or require help or further information please do not hesitate to contact us 24 hours a day.

The Climate: The Cyclades islands have a typical Mediterranean climate for the most part with warm sunny summers and mild, moderately rainy winters. May, June and October are generally mild with some cloudy days and are the best time for hiking and cycling. July, August and the beginning of September can be very hot, however on most days there is a breeze reducing the feeling of the heat, this breeze or even wind depending where you are on an island facilitates water sports, such as wind, kite surfing and sailing. Current weather forecast here.

Ferries: Ferries to all islands are frequent especially in the summer months. The type of ferry you travel on will vary from highspeed to more conventional ferries dependent on your route and time of travel. Ferries usually run on time and the companies expect foot passengers to be at the port half an hour before departure time. We will give you more information when you book.

Ferry strikes; unfortunately these do occasionally happen and they are beyond our control, however we will normally have 48 hours’ notice and will be on hand to sort out any accommodation issues that may arise.

Car rental: You can find plenty of car rental companies in all of the larger towns and resorts(see destinations). If you are planning to rent a car we recommend that before travelling you refer to the following link You may also wish to consider buying European car hire excess insurance before you travel. Please contact us before or during your stay if you have any questions.

Public transport: Having not to drive is always a good thing! We will send you more information on bus routes and taxi companies before your arrival.

Driving in Greece if you wish to hire a car in Greece you must have a full European Driving Licence or an International Driving Licence

Importantly if at any point in your holiday you feel unhappy or concerned about anything let us know immediately we will do our utmost best to resolve any issue that may arise.

Also we have new apps for your mobile phones. Syros Island guide and weather app !

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